giovedì 28 gennaio 2016

Heavy Wood drummer spotted outside "Trappola Acustica" recording studio.


Surveillance footage shows Heavy Wood drummer, Matteo Flori, leaving the Italian recording studio early Sunday morning.

Piancastagnaio (Si) -  It is unclear what Flori was doing at the studio.  However, reliable sources have confirmed that Heavy Wood has booked significant studio time for March of this year.  It is yet to be determined with the band is planning, but judging by these photos of the studio, one can only immagine it will be a really big deal:

Trappola Acustica recording studio

Representatives at the studio said that the band has been preparing "loads of new material".  It has in fact been awhile since new Heavy Wood material has been released. Also, according to the band's website, there is a show scheduled near the studio at Club 71 on the 5th of February. The Heavy Wood Chronicles will keep you updated as more information becomes available. 

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